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BMW Brake Repair

When performing BMW brake repair the correct brake pads must be selected. BMW’s braking systems can often make noise after being serviced, even at the dealership. Their OEM brake pads can be noisy and produce quite a bit of brake dust on the wheels. At Brakes To Go, we use top of the line Akebono ceramic or semi-metallic brake pads to ensure the BMW’s brakes are silent without compromising the life of the brakes and prevent dust from being created by the brake linings. Our 24,000 mile nationwide warranty also covers squeaking, unlike BMW. Let us come to you to take care of all of your BMW brake service needs and to take the headache out of overpriced and under serviced brake repair.

Audi Brake Repair

When it comes to Audi brake repair it can be as simple as sliding some brake pads into the caliper or as complicated as accessing the computer system to retract the rear parking brake. You need to make sure that the place your getting your Audi’s brakes serviced has the experience to get your vehicle’s brakes repaired correctly the first time. At Brakes To Go, we use a top-of-the-line OEM quality semi-metallic brake pad that is long lasting and silent. We have the equipment needed to perform the brake repair on the most complex Audi braking systems. From the Audi Q6 to the Audi A8 we have you covered. Don’t let the dealership trick you into replacing rotors every time. We will measure your rotors for run out and thickness to determine if you just need pads or if you need the full service. The next time you need your Audi brakes repaired, call Brakes To Go.

Mercedes Benz Brake Repair

Mercedes Benz has everything from drilled and slotted rotors with four piston calipers to a simple one piston caliper. Mercedes’ braking systems are simple for the most part, but require a skilled technician to spot potential problems. Mercedes’ have some of the softest rotors on the market and the dealership will try to sell you rotors and brake pads every time the brakes are serviced but it isn’t always necessary. We will measure your rotors for run out and thickness before replacing rotors and if they’re within specifications, you can trust that we won’t sell you unneeded parts and services.

Lexus Brake Repair

Lexus is one of the top-rated manufactures in terms of reliability and their braking systems are no exception. A simple yet efficient braking system keeps Lexus brakes from wearing out prematurely and keeps the vehicle stopping smoothly. We use OEM-quality ceramic pads on all Lexus vehicles to keep your car stopping quietly and efficiently. From a simple Lexus IS350 to an advanced LS460, Brakes To Go has the technical skills and knowledge to get your Lexus’ brakes repaired accurately, efficiently and for the right price.

Land Rover Brake Repair

Land Rover and their popular model Range Rover are one of the most expensive vehicles on the market for brake repair. We soften the blow of the repair bill at Brakes To Go. We use OEM-quality ceramic or semi metallic pads that don’t break the bank and that will last longer, produce less dust all while remaining silent. The rotors will be inspected for run out and thickness to insure that they still meet safety standards and can be used again, unlike Land Rover or other specialty shops that force you to replace them every time you have your brakes serviced. We’ll get you back on the road and for much the less than the dealership or specialty shops.

Infiniti Brake Repair

Infiniti, like Lexus, is one of the highest rated manufactures for reliability; their brakes however aren’t as high on the list. Infiniti’s rotors are prone to warping and over time will create a steering wheel vibration while braking. If this is a problem you are experiencing with your Infiniti’s brakes we have the right solution. We replace the front rotors with a heavy-duty rotor that is crosshatched and can withstand high heat and extreme use. A premium semi-metallic or ceramic can help with heat absorption so you can enjoy a comfortable driving experience without shaking brakes. If you’re looking for Infiniti brake repair, look no further than Brakes To Go.

Cadillac Break Repair

GMC’s flagship manufacturer Cadillac is one of the most stylish domestic brands on the market. Cadillac is always pushing the envelope for performance and cutting edge technology. Although simplistic in many ways, these vehicles sometimes have Brembo braking systems that you don’t want just any mechanic working on. At Brakes To Go, our ASE-certified technicians have the skills and experience that you need for Cadillac brake repair. Trust in Brakes To Go the next time you need your Cadillac brakes repaired.