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Do You Need Your Brakes Checked?

Brakes Check

November 22, 2020 Topic: Safety TipsTech Talks

Something is up with your car — your wheel is shaking when braking, you aren’t stopping as quickly, you’re hearing a squeak or a grinding noise. Could the brakes need fixing?

You need to be able to stop about 4,000 pounds of steel hurtling down the highway at 60 or more miles per hour – on a dime, every time. Only brakes that are well maintained can do that.

If the brake light on your dashboard just clicked on, the answer is obvious, but your brakes may be trying to signal you in subtler ways that they need attention:

Are you experiencing any of these issues? Be sure to call Brakes To Go with all your braking questions. Call our San Antonio location at 210-775-6000 or our Austin location at 512-585-1845 for a free quote and we’ll get a technician right out for a free brake inspection – that’s right, we come to you!