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We only install the highest-grade, premium quality automotive parts. Because of this, your repair comes with a 36 month/36K mile nationwide total replacement warranty.
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Our Replacement Parts Are Top-of-the-Line

We use only premium-grade parts at every brake repair appointment. We carefully select ceramic or semi-metallic brake pads based on your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications and our extensive experience in the field.  These parts are built to exceed OEM standards and specifications, which is why they come with a 36 month/36K mile total replacement warranty – coverage that far exceeds what you will find at the dealership.  To the consumer, premium-grade parts means little to no brake dust, no squealing, and the prevention of premature wear.  Check out our primary product lines featured below.

36-Month, 36,000-Mile Nationwide Warranty

All Brakes To Go Repairs & Parts are backed by our warranty.

Brake Pads

Carquest® Wearever® Platinum Professional


  • Superior formulations — For longer pad life, improved stopping performance and cleaner wheels
  • Premium application-specific formulations with OE designed slots and chamfers — For superior stopping power and pad life
  • Revolutionary burnishing compound — Allows proper break-in of pads and rotors
  • Patented 4-layer HEX Shim Technology — Eliminates noise
  • Premium hardware kits where required — To complete the job
  • Precision cut, powder coated backing plate — Prevents rust
  • Premium underlayer — For reduced vibration and silent braking
  • 100% positive molding — For consistent performance
  • Road tested in multiple environments and conditions — To meet OE testing standards

Akebono Pro-Act & Euro Brake Pads

These pads are manufactured by Akebono, the world’s largest Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) pad supplier. That means these pads are the original equipment validated with application-specific formulations for brands such as BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, etc. They are ultra-quiet, low dusting, and provide smooth braking with a confident pedal feel. These pads categorized as Domestic/Asian or European.


Akebono Pro-ACT Brake Pads:

  • The aftermarket’s only OE-validated brake pad
  • Virtually eliminates noise, vibration & harshness (NVH)
  • Vehicle-optimized ceramic formulas for superior performance
  • Rotor-friendly with proven longer rotor life
  • Unrivaled stopping power
  • No break-in required
  • Clean wheels
  • For Domestic/Asian vehicle application

Akebono EURO Brake Pads:

  • The clean and quiet European brake pad
  • Ultra-quiet: definitive control of noise, vibration & harshness (NVH)
  • European braking performance with enhanced pedal feel
  • Extremely rotor-friendly for longer rotor life
  • Clean wheels
  • Ultimate upgrade for OE semi-metallic and low metallic brake pads

Carquest® Wearever® Frontline™


  • Engineered to withstand extreme heat and harsh driving conditions — Providing superior stopping power
  • Semi–metallic formula — The perfect choice for emergency, hauling, pursuit and towing applications
  • Brake hardware — Included on most applications where applicable
  • Multi-layer shim — Helps dampen noise and vibration for silent braking
  • Matching front and rear applications — The solution for the complete severe duty brake job
  • Formulated and manufactured specifically to meet or exceed the severe-duty market’s needs — Delivering superior stopping power at higher friction temperatures

Carquest® Wearever® Frontline Police Brake Pads

Police-specific applications are included within the Carquest Wearever Frontline program. The formulas for these applications are specifically designed to combat high-temperature fade, which is a common occurrence for pursuit vehicles. Frontline brake pads passed the Michigan state police testing standards

Carquest® Wearever® Frontline Rotors for Severe Duty

Brake rotors with higher carbon content provide severe duty performance without sacrificing tensile strength. Black pigmented phosphorus coating chemically binds with the top layer of the rotor, creating a 20-micron barrier of protection.

36-Month, 36,000-Mile Nationwide Warranty

All Brakes To Go Repairs & Parts are backed by our warranty.

Other Break Components

Wearever Drums

Wearever® Brake Shoes and Drums


Brake Shoes

  • OE grade steel — For maximum durability
  • Contour or cam ground (where required by OE design) — Eliminates chatter and rear wheel lock-up
  • OE-matched levers and hardware include — for ease of installation

Brake Drum

  • All critical dimensions verified — To ensure fit and function
  • Proper chemical compositions and microstructure — Ensure absorption and dissipation of heat
  • Retained mechanical strength (tensile strength and hardness) — Ensure drums resist wear and abrasion
  • Covered with anti-rust agent and wrapped in polybag — To prevent rust

Carquest® Wearever ® Brake Rotors


  • Manufactured to exacting quality and dimensional specifications — Meets or exceeds OE design for superior stopping power
  • OE vane size with proper harmonic design — Improves cooling, eliminates brake noise and enhances pedal feel
  • Air gap matches OE specs — Properly dissipates and absorbs heat, helping eliminate brake fade and increase pad life
  • Non-directional finish — For less break-in time
  • Ready to install out of the box — Reduces installation time
Premium Calipers

Brake Calipers


  • Pre-installed mounting bracket (where applicable) and new critical hardware — Reduces installation time by up to 40% and limits brake system noise and vibration issues
  • All calipers are tested through a multi-stage process — Ensures leak-free operation and 100% compatibility between all components and the vehicle
  • Aluminum machined surface — Removes pitting and ensures proper sealing
  • Rust-inhibitor coating
  • Installation hardware included
Other Wearever Premium Parts

Other Brake Parts


  • Plastic reservoirs are 100% vacuum-tested — To ensure proper function
  • Cast iron master cylinders come with premium protective coating — To minimize rust, extending on-car and on-shelf life
  • 100% computer testing — Ensures guaranteed, consistent performance


  • Matches OE specs for vehicle integrity, performance and safety
  • Smooth brake operation
  • Corrosion resistant, durable and reliable


  • Meets federal DOT standards — To ensure performance and safety
  • New copper washers — Provides hydraulic sealing
  • Includes brackets (where applicable) and fittings — For faster, easier installation


  • OE design — For perfect fit and function
  • Available where required
  • Must be changed when installing new pads