Mission Statement

Brakes To Go's mission is to provide honest & convenient brake repair with superior customer service to become the brake repair leader in Texas.
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We Hear You

People hate car repair.  We know what you are typically faced with.

  • INCONVENIENCE –  Going to a shop means you’ll have a vague service window, you have to coordinate transportation there and back, or you end up missing school or work to sit there for repairs.
  • EXPENSIVE – Repairs at a shop almost have to be more expensive because they have a building to pay for.  You can expect to be bombarded with the up-selling of additional repairs.
  • DISHONEST – In 2016, AAA conducted a national survey that found 2/3’s of drivers distrusted auto repair shops, believing they were overcharged, sold unnecessary repairs, and in general had “bad experiences.”
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Customer Commitment

Brakes To Go provides mobile brake service that resolves the vast majority of brake maintenance issues while facilitating the most convenient and value-oriented customer service experience in the automotive service industry.

  • CONVENIENT – We save you time.  You don’t have to take off work, or miss school to waste a day on brake repair. You choose the day, the time, and the location of your repair.  We only need an hour or an hour and a half to complete most repairs.
  • AFFORDABLE – Our service is 100% mobile, so we don’t have the overhead of multi-million dollar shop.  Less overhead means less expense and lower prices to you.
  • TRANSPARENT – We only sell brake repair, so there is no need to worry about high-pressure sales tactics for repairs you didn’t expect you needed.  After we inspect your brakes our technician will educate you in person on every aspect of our diagnosis.  You can even watch him perform your entire repair.   And if you need to decline service, for whatever reason, there is no charge for the appointment.

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