Honda Brake Service and Brake Repair

Honda has a Reliability Rating which is one of the highest for all car brands. Factors that contribute to Honda’s reliability include a low average number of repair shop visits per year and a low probability of Honda repairs being severe. However, without this regular service, major problems that can cause Honda brakes to fail can be missed. It's essential that you keep your brakes in good condition to keep you safe on the road. Luckily, there is a mobile brake service available for easy Honda brake maintenance.
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Honda Brake Repair Near Me

Brakes To Go for Mobile Honda Brake Services and Repairs

Brakes To Go will measure your rotors for run out and thickness before their replacement and if they’re within specifications, you can trust that we won’t sell you unneeded parts and services. When performing Honda brake repairs pad selection is crucial. At Brakes To Go, our Honda brake technicians know specifically what types of brake pads, rotor parts or calipers your Honda needs to ensure your Honda brakes provide maximum stopping. Furthermore, our Honda brake repairs are warrantied for 36 months or 36K miles, whichever comes first. And, of course, our convenient mobile service costs much less than what you would pay at the Honda dealership.

Honda Brake Services in Texas

36-Month, 36,000-Mile Nationwide Warranty

All Brakes To Go Honda Brake Repairs & Parts are backed by our warranty.

Honda Brake Service Cost

Prices are subject to change according to your vehicle model. Contact us for a free quote.

Complete Honda Rotor and Brake Pad Replacement

Traditional Repair Shop $910-$1050
Dealership $1000-$1200
Brakes To Go $750-$880

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Brake Pad Replacement for One Axle (Front or Back)

Traditional Repair Shop $250-$450
Dealership $275-$375
Brakes To Go $175

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Honda Front Brake Pad and Rotor Replacement Cost Average

Traditional Repair Shop $430-$505
Dealership $500-$565
Brakes To Go $350-$410

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Honda Rear Brake Pad and Rotor Replacement Cost Average

Traditional Repair Shop $385-$450
Dealership $455-$505
Brakes To Go $315-$375

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Honda Brake Fluid
Change Cost Average

Traditional Repair Shop $100-$150
Dealership $120-$170
Brakes To Go $55

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Honda Brake Calipers
Replacement Average

Traditional Repair Shop $250-$325
Dealership $300-$325
Brakes To Go $160-$210

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Here are some common Honda brake problems and how you can tell if your Honda brakes need servicing:

Honda Brake Problems and Common Symptoms

  1. Your Honda is Making Loud Grinding, Squealing, or Screeching Noises When You Brake: A grinding sound or any other high-pitched noises during the Honda braking process likely means you’re dealing with worn out brake pads. This Honda braking noise could also mean your disc and the caliper are rubbing together. Letting this go will end up causing further rotor damage. So, if you hear screeching or grinding when you come to a stop, there’s a good chance your brakes should be replaced. Schedule a Honda brake pad replacement service or get your brake inspected right away to fix any Honda brake issues.
  2. You Feel Pedal Lag or a “Soft” Brake Pedal When You Brake in Your Honda: If you feel like your pedal travels further than it should when pushing on the brakes, you may be feeling some brake pad issues or you may have a leak somewhere in your braking system. A soft or spongy feeling when applying pressure to the brakes can also be an indicator of imminent Honda brake failure. Let a Honda brake professional diagnose the issue as soon as you feel something is off, this will help avoid a loss of braking capability and extensive damages.
  3. A Strange, Burning Odor Coming From Honda: A burnt smell, especially after extensive use of the brakes, could mean your Honda brake pads are overheated. This reduces the lifetime of your other Honda braking components. This is a strong sign that something with your brakes needs to be checked out.
  4. Your Honda is Vibrating, Pulsing or Pulling to the Side When You Apply the Brakes: If you feel vibrations or pulsing in the brake pedal or steering wheel during the process of braking this may be symptoms of a damaged rotor or warped rotors. You may also notice your Honda is drifting to the left or right as you use your brakes. Get your Honda brakes looked at as soon as possible. This could be a result of uneven brake pads or uneven calipers. Driving a Honda with warped or damaged rotors is not safe, and these should be repaired right away. To keep your Honda rotors in good condition, replace your brake pads at reasonable intervals.
  5. “BRAKE” Shining In Red or Other Honda Brake Warning Lights Turn On: These warning lights can indicate a variety of brake system problems. Your brake fluid could be low if you have a fluid leak. If you see the brake warning light on, don’t ignore it. The longer you wait, the more you risk more expensive damage.

Ensure you are getting your Honda brakes inspected by an experienced ASE-certified brake technician when you are experiencing any brake problems.

Not sure how to address your Honda brake problems? Need a convenient mobile brake inspection? Brakes To Go is happy to help. Contact us or get a free quote today!

Honda Brake FAQs

In general Honda brake pads can usually last between 30,000 and 70,000 miles depending on your driving habits. Driving in heavy traffic, or driving aggressively causes you to use your brakes more often and you may need new brake pads sooner. To keep your Honda brakes working correctly, you’ll want to have your brake pads inspected and changed regularly.

On average Honda dealerships charge 910-$1050 to replace brakes this includes a complete Honda rotor and brake pad replacement. At Brakes To Go, on average we only charge 750-$880 plus we come to you to replace your Honda brakes.

Ceramic brake pads

45 Minutes

By choosing a mobile brake service like Brakes To Go you are having a specialized Honda brake technician come to you. This is a safe, convenient and affordable choice for your car.

As an authorized TechNet Professional Automotive Service Facility, Honda brake repairs by Brakes To Go are covered by a nationwide limited repair warranty that extends across North America for 24 months or 24,000 miles, whichever comes first.

From Honda Civics to Honda Ridgelines and any Honda model in between, Brakes To Go has the technical skills and knowledge to get your Honda brakes repaired accurately, quickly and for the best price.

All Brakes To Go Honda technicians are ASE-Certified, have cleared a criminal background check, and have been in the automotive service field for at least five years.