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The Cost of Car Care Neglect

mechanic working on car

December 15, 2018 Topic: Safety TipsTech Talks

Whether it’s not changing the brakes in time or neglecting to rotate the tires, not following car maintenance intervals can end up costing you big bucks in the long run. Routine maintenance can keep you and your family safe and keep your car out of the repair shop.

A survey by the Car Care Council found that 89% of the vehicles on the road today have neglected at least one of the following items:

These might not seem like a big deal to the daily driver, but neglected repairs like this can add up to some serious repairs later. Simple things like changing your brakes on time, checking your tire pressure and changing your oil can keep you safe on the road and avoid bigger repairs later. Listed below are consequences of neglecting your vehicle maintenance.

Engine Maintenance

Brake Maintenance

Common Wear Components

This may seem like a lot, but maintaining your vehicle in small doses isn’t as costly as doing it all once. Simply doing a visual inspection and checking fluid levels every 3,000 miles can go a long way. Maintaining your vehicle will preserve the look, feel and value of your vehicle for the long run.