Coronavirus Operations Policy


As Texans across the state are faced with the challenge of the coronavirus, the team at Brakes To Go wants you to know we’ve got your back. This is a tough situation, but we’re all in this together – and we will pull through.

Despite shelter-in-place orders across the state, as an automotive service company Brakes To Go is deemed an “essential services” enterprise. As such, we remain open and servicing customers. Considering the reality of our circumstances, we feel it is important that our customers understand our ongoing safety protocols:

  • BTG technicians always wear latex gloves when servicing vehicles and we are now wearing multiple sets of latex gloves for each appointment
  • BTG technicians use plastic seat wraps at every appointment and sterilize tools and equipment between appointments
  • BTG technicians operate with a minimal-customer-contact policy and can service your vehicle with little to no direct contact upon arrival

As the highest-rated, most-recommended automotive service company in this area, Brakes To Go is proud to continue offering our services during these admittedly stressful times. While our mobile, on-demand business model has always been the most convenient, affordable, and reputed way to get your brakes serviced, it is also clearly the safest option. Why risk the public setting of an automotive service center or a dealership when we can service your vehicle at home while you binge-watch streaming services? Given these factors, the real question is WHY NOT a mobile service?

No one is happy to be stuck at home, but you might as well get some chores done, right? You focus on your lawn, we will fix your car. : )