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The Brakes To Go Difference

Randall and Jonathan Brakes to Go Leadership

January 27, 2021 Topic: Industry News

What sets us apart from other automotive service providers? When we were founded, we set out to be more than just another auto repair shop. Brakes To Go set out to reinvent automotive repair in a convenient and modern way. The way the vehicle is repaired, the convenience of the repair, which parts we use, and overall experience. There was no easy way to get your vehicle repaired, so we created a new standard—mobile brake repair, a service that embodied customer service, convenience, price, and honesty. Brakes To Go is the original mobile brake repair. We revolutionized the automotive repair industry, and to this day, we’re still reinventing how car repair is performed.

Our co-founder and COO. Jonathan Ganther, is an ASE certified technician. He takes a hands-on approach to all things customer service. Scheduling appointments, repairing vehicles in the field, and sourcing the correct parts for your vehicle. Our COO verifies all appointments to ensure quality control and that you get the right repair the first time.

Did you know that losing an employee can cost your business anywhere from 6-9 months of that person’s salary? At Brakes To Go, we strive to value our employees by promoting autonomy. Our superstar technicians work independently off of their own schedule, without executives looking over their shoulders. With over 75% of employees leaving their company because of not feeling valued, and 1 in 4 people quitting their job amid the pandemic, creating an exceptional company culture is extremely important to us.

From Austin To Dallas, we have over 45 available appointments daily. This means same-day service. If you call before noon, we can usually fix your brakes that day. With this many technicians, if schedules change, we have plenty of flexibility- we don’t ever reschedule our clients. No long wait times in crummy auto shop lobbies or getting a reschedule notification from one of our imitators.

We’ve proved the concept with mobile brake repair and have been in business since late 2014. As a professional service company that continues to expand across Texas, we’re here for the long haul. Backed by a comprehensive nationwide 36 month, 36,000-mile warranty, this is from the manufacturer! Not just a promise to fix your car from a local company. You can rest easy knowing you’re covered under a comprehensive warranty.

What’s the best part of our service? It wouldn’t matter that we were the best if we cost more, would it? We are the least expensive option in town – if you find a lower price in town with comparable parts, we’ll match it. There are no hidden fees at Brakes To Go, we never charge a service fee, and the brake inspection is always free. If you don’t need the repair, there’s no charge. If you don’t want the repair performed, there’s no charge. We pack and leave.

So the next time you need your brakes done, call us for a free no-obligation brake inspection. We’ll shoot you straight.