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Summer Car Care: 6 tips to beat the heat

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August 25, 2021 Topic: Safety Tips

Taking care of your vehicle in the heat is no walk in the park. Check out Brakes To Go’s essential car maintenance tips, so you can hit the road this summer for some fun in the sun. 

Show your car some love this summer

Summer is here! If you’re starting to plan that long-awaited road trip or beach vacation, be sure to add car maintenance to the top of your checklist. An overheated car can present various challenges for you and your wallet. From faded and chipped paint to broken belts and hoses, the sun can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. Avoid breaking the bank by following our summer car maintenance tips.


1. Check your tire pressure

The temperature isn’t the only thing rising this summer! Blazing hot days means the air pressure in your tires is bound to increase. Avoid over-inflation, or even a flat, by routinely checking your tires before any long summer drive. You should monitor the pressure in all tires, including the spare, for wear and tear, nails, and threadbare tread before hitting the road. Underinflated tires also pose some car problems in the heat. Low air pressure can make your tires overheat in the summer, causing pricey damage to your vehicle. Avoid being stranded on your next weekend trip by prioritizing your tire maintenance. Remember to go by the pressure recommendations in your car’s owner’s manual rather than what’s on the tire.


2. Keep fluid levels up

It’s super important to get enough fluids in hot weather, both for you and your car. The sun’s influence can also creep under the hood, causing fluid leaks and other costly problems. Avoid a sudden breakdown by checking your coolant and flush the system periodically. Go above and beyond by monitoring all hoses for leaks and iffy connections. Your motor oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and brake fluid, are all also crucial for your car to stay healthy in the summer. Keep your summer ride in tip-top shape by keeping an eye on your coolant and other essential fluids.


3. Check your brakes

Nothing is more important than getting those brakes inspected! After coming off the winter season, it’s crucial to make sure your brakes are performing properly. Keep an eye out for common brake repair symptoms such as drifting or brake pedal vibrations. You should get regular brake inspections year round, but especially in the hot summer months to ensure you and your passengers’ safety. Save time and money by getting a free quote with Brakes To Go, and talk to one of our brake technicians today.


4. Protect your car from heat damage

Hot temperatures and high UVs present a major threat to the exterior of your car. In fact, the sun’s rays break down the protective coating of your paint, causing it to chip off and fade. As the paint sloughs off, the car can become prone to rusting, which leads to irreversible corruption of the material. The sun can also enter the interior, fading the upholstery and cracking the dashboard and steering wheel. But lucky for you, this is all easily avoidable. Prioritize your car care by getting your windows tinted, using vehicle covers when your car is parked, and placing vehicle sun visors in the windshield, to keep your paint looking fresh.


5. Get your oil changed

With any drastic change in temperature, getting your oil and oil filter changed is a maintenance necessity. Hot, humid summer days, paired with inevitable rainfall means possible damage to your oil and oil filter. Your car engine relies heavily on oil to get you safely from point A, to point B, but an overheating car can put a damper on this. Don’t let the summer heat stop your next summer getaway. Remember to get your oil and oil filters replaced before hitting the road.


6. Take care of yourself and your passengers

Summer car maintenance goes beyond your vehicle. You can’t forget about the precious cargo inside your car: you and your passengers! Even in the comfort of your car’s air conditioning, the summer heat can get to you, especially on longer drives. Studies have shown that a majority of people get skin cancer on the left side of the body – from driving. Preserve you and your passengers’ health by applying sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher every two hours in the car. You can also invest in a UV-blocking film for your side windows and windshield for added protection. Don’t sacrifice safety when behind the wheel. 

Make summer car maintenance a top priority

With summer car care at the top of your to-do list, you can cruise stress-free. From tire pressure to fluid levels, summer car maintenance is no vacation. But, by following our top tips, you can avoid unexpected breakdowns and sky-high car maintenance costs. Enjoy the roads! 

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